August 6, 2016


Head Shot

My name is Megan Smith, and I am a Ballroom dance instructor specializing in International and Social styles.  I enjoy working with individuals, couples and groups of all variations.  I teach in Emeryville, San Rafael, Fairfield and Vacaville, CA.

In 2012,  I began my training with Frank Flores, a renown professional ballroom instructor for the last 40 years.  My passion for music and movement parallels with my desire to help others to obtain happiness and health.  This has been the driving force for my teaching career.

Whatever your reasons are for pursuing dance, I want to help you explore them and embrace your potential. Private lessons are a great way to expedite your growth in dance, but I know it’s not for everyone.  If group classes are more your style, check out our program at Body Vibe in San Rafael, CA.  Just click on the Classes link on the home page for our schedule for more details.

If you are interested in taking your dancing to the next level, please contact me and I will get you there with grace, confidence and power!